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The next step in reaching the goals you identify for recovery will be contacting the friendly and welcoming specialists at our addiction recovery facility. We can be sure that you are able to get the treatment you need when you enroll in the substance abuse treatment program we offer here at Moore Creek Wellness. Thanks to extensive experience and training, we can be sure that every client who enrolls at our drug rehab clinic gets the support they need to attain their recovery goals. We know that addiction recovery is not always an easy process, but we can provide our clients with the support they deserve at our drug rehab center.

Call us at: (888) 415-0293

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When you first arrive at our substance abuse treatment center, you’ll get the opportunity to sit down with one of our staff members and answer a series of questions about your history.

You’ll be answering questions about your experiences with substance abuse, and the specific details of your personal situation. By providing our staff with accurate information, you’ll be providing them with the details they need to inform the creation of a comprehensive plan for recovery treatment that has been customized to suit your personal needs.

What we offer

We know that every individual client has their own needs for recovery, and by providing a customized plan for treatment to each of our clients, we can be assured that we are getting them the best support possible.
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